District Administration

  314 S Lewis St
  Stillwater OK  74074

Office of the Superintendent 

 405.533.6300  405.533.6300  
 Ann Caine, Ed.D.  Annette Jones  
 Superintendent  Admin. Asst. to Superintendent  
 acaine@stillwaterschools.com  Clerk, Stillwater Board of Education  

Educational Services  link

 Gay Washington, Ed.D.  Starla Bilyeu  Annie Smith
 Assistant Superintendent  Coord. for Indian Education  Admin. Asst. for Ed. Services
 gayw@stillwaterschools.com  sbilyeu@stillwaterschools.com  ansmith@stillwaterschools.com
 Walter Howell  Diane Fix  Linda Andrews
 Director of Secondary Education  Director of Elementary Education  Admin. Asst. for Federal Programs
 whowell@stillwaterschools.com  dfix@stillwaterschools.com  landrews@stillwaterschools.com
 Earl Johnson  Holly Frazier                                            Rene Gomez
 Director of Federal & OSU  Programs  Coord. for Adult Education  English Language Learner (ELL) Coord.
 eajohnson@stillwaterschools.com  hfrazier@stillwaterschools.com  rgomez@stillwaterschools.com
 Debbie Kirby  Becky Szlichta  
 Curriculum Technology Support  Specialist  District Testing Coordinator  
 Carl Perkins Coordinator  bszlichta@stillwaterschools.com  

Finance  link

 Phillip Storm  Desiree Burnsed  Debbie Schroeder
 Chief Financial Officer/Treasurer  Admin. Asst. for Payroll  Admin. Asst for Finance/Asst. Treasurer
 pstorm@stillwaterschools.com  dburnsed@stillwaterschools.com  dschroeder@stillwaterschools.com
 Dian Porter  Kelle Otto  
 Financial Accountant  Activities Account Clerk  
 d_porter@stillwaterschools.com  kotto@stillwaterschools.com  

Human Resources  link

 Michael Shanahan, Ed.D.  Kerri Justus  Tyanna Bateson
 Director of Human Resources  Human Resources Admin. Asst.  Benefits Specialist
 mshanahan@stillwaterschools.com  kjustus@stillwaterschools.com  tbateson@stillwaterschools.com
 Samantha Thompson  Annette Turley      
 Human Resource Specialist  Receptionist  
 sthompson@stillwaterschools.com  aturley@stillwaterschools.com


 Terry McCarty, Ed.D.  Beverly Len  Stephen Tiger
 Assistant Superintendent  Admin. Asst. for Operations  Custodian
 tmccarty@stillwaterschools.com  blen@stillwaterschools.com  stiger@stillwaterschools.com

Special Services  link

 Caryl Talley  Vanessa Wedlake  Diane Bradley
 Director of Special Services  District Social Worker  Special Services Secretary
 504 Compliance Officer  Homeless Liaison    dibradley@stillwaterschools.com   
 ctalley@stillwaterschools.com  vwedlake@stillwaterschools.com  
 Melisa Kifer    
 Compliance Facilitator