Pay Your Meal Balance Online

Stillwater Public Schools Nutrition Services Department is excited to provide a convenient, easy and secure online prepayment service to deposit money into your child’s school meal account at any time. This service also provides the ability to view your child’s account balance and view your child's purchase history. There will be a fee of $

2.25 per deposit transaction. Parents placing money into accounts for more than one child will only be assessed the $2.25 fee once per deposit transaction. Stillwater Public Schools will not profit from the use of this site. You will not be charged the fee to set up a low balance notification or to view your child's meal/transaction history. 

If you choose not to use the online prepayment service you may continue to make advance payments via cash or check at your child’s school cafeteria. Because checks are more secure and can be tracked, they are preferable to cash. Please make checks payable to Stillwater Public Schools and include your child’s full name on the check.

If you have any questions about these services, please feel free to contact the Nutrition Services office at 405.533.6445.

Pay your meal balance online at