School Closings

School closing decisions due to severe weather are made as early as possible on the following broadcast systems:


  • KSPI (FM 93.7) (AM 780)
  • KGFY (FM 105.5)
  • KVRO (FM 101.1)


  • Channels 4, 5, & 9 (OKC)
  • Channels 6 & 8 (Tulsa)
  • Suddenlink Channel 16

School Messenger will also be used to communicate to parents regarding school closing decisions.

Heavy rains, tornadoes, and snow and ice conditions are a common occurrence in Oklahoma. Each of our schools has a tornado procedure, and the faculty and students practice storm drills periodically. If severe weather (tornado) is approaching at the time of dismissal, students will be held at the school until the danger has subsided. If there is a tornado watch but no immediate danger, school will be dismissed on schedule.

The decision to close school or alter bus routes due to snow and/or ice is usually made by 10:00pm the night before (if known) or by 6:00am the next day.