SHS Enrollment

Welcome to Stillwater High School. Being a new student at any school is difficult and challenging both socially and academically. Both students and parents have many questions and concerns. We hope to make this transition smooth for you and your student. If you view the rest of the SHS website, you'll see that our academic standing is one of the highest in the state and we make every effort to challenge our students. We have excellent relationships with Oklahoma State University, Northern Oklahoma College and Meridian Technology Center. Over 200 of our students attend these schools on a daily basis.

This site will hopefully answer all of your questions about the enrollment and scheduling process. If not, please contact me at 533-6450 or my email [email protected]. We look forward to working with you and your student.

Returning Students

Enrollment for returning students has taken place this past spring. Our enrollment process begins in February each year. All that is left to do now is pick up your schedule. 

Returning students, including incoming sophomores that were enrolled at Stillwater Junior High School last year, will need to pick up their schedules on the following dates:

Seniors  August 2            8:00-12:00            SHS Student Center
Juniors August 3 8:00-12:00 SHS Student Center
Sophomores August 4 8:00-12:00 SHS Student Center
New Students               
August 5-6  By appointment only Guidance Office

All financial obligations must be paid before schedules will be distributed.