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Stillwater receives record honors at National FFA Convention

(Stillwater, Oklahoma, November 6, 2023) Stillwater Public Schools is proud to announce the results of Stillwater FFA’s participation in the National FFA Convention and Expo. 

24 Stillwater FFA members traveled to Indianapolis, Indiana where the program was named the 2023 FFA Models of Excellence Program at the 96th annual convention. This recognizes the top FFA program of the 9,163 programs nationwide through the National Chapter Awards Program. In addition, Stillwater FFA was awarded the Premier Chapter Award for Building Communities, which recognizes the top program nationally for innovating ideas to build their communities. Stillwater FFA was also named a National 3-Star Chapter, the highest rating an FFA program can receive. 

“This award just goes to show the hard work put in by our members,” said Stillwater Senior Ryne Crosthwait. “One thing we really stressed while presenting is how member-led our chapter is.”

“Being a part of the Models of Excellence team for Stillwater was a once in a lifetime experience,” said Stillwater Senior Trinity Blosch. “I’m so proud of not only me and my partners, but more importantly, the members who worked hard to get us here. I’m forever grateful that the chapter and advisors trusted me to represent this amazing organization with such great leaders and members.”

“Being a part of the Stillwater FFA Chapter and a member of the Models of Excellence team has provided me an eye opening experience that I won’t ever be able to recreate or rematch again,” said Stillwater Junior Kyriana Beard. “To see the growth in our members as well, as the chapter as a whole, has shown me how impactful a group of people can be on each other and their community. There is no success without a team and Stillwater definitely has that from its advisors, to the members, and our strong community support. The Models of Excellence title just showcases our chapter's strong effort to create a brighter world.”

Stillwater FFA had 22 members qualify in a state-record 15 divisions of the National Agriscience Fair. All 15 projects were recognized as gold emblem projects, the highest ranking an agriscience fair project can receive. Stillwater had the most Agriscience Fair National Champions of any other school this year and for the third time in four years.

Full results:

  • NATIONAL CHAMPION - Social Systems Division #1 - Eliana Timmons

  • NATIONAL CHAMPION - Social Systems Division #6 - Aubrie McEndoo and Trinity Blosch.

  • NATIONAL CHAMPION - Animal Systems Division #3 - Kyriana Beard

  • NATIONAL CHAMPION - Food Systems Division #3 - Esther VanOverbeke

  • NATIONAL RUNNER-UP - Animal Systems Division #2 - Tassi Jo Fadely and Paityn Moulton 

  • 3rd Place - Power, Structures, and Technical Systems Division 5 - Kaylee McAlister

  • 4th Place - Social Systems Division #3 - Lauren Crosthwait

  • 4th Place - Food Systems Division #5 - Ryne Crosthwait

  • 4th Place - Plant Systems Division #5 - Abigail Burton  

  • 4th Place - Animal Systems Division #6 - Preslee Watley-Kindt and Oakley Gross

  • 5th Place - Animal Systems Division #4 - Adelynn Newport and Ella Warren

  • 5th Place - Social Systems Division #4 - Gabe Campbell and Adria Spaulding

  • 5th Place - Environmental Systems Division #5 - Elle Yates

  • 5th Place - Environmental Systems Division #6 - Emily Meridith and Emma Nelson

  • 6th Place - Plant Systems Division #6 - Rylee Gaches and Emma Yates

“We’re all incredibly proud of this amazing program. Its teachers, boosters, supportive families, and, of course, the 254 phenomenally talented and dedicated students,” says Superintendent Uwe Gordon. “Year after year, they build on their successes, and so many of our students go on to make great contributions to the agricultural industry. We’re all a little better off with Stillwater FFA kids out changing the world for the better. I frequently tell people Stillwater has the best FFA program, and it’s nice to know that it's now official.”