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Difference Maker

We're starting a new tradition of recognizing students, faculty and staff who choose to be “Difference Makers” within the district. Difference Makers go above and beyond the call of duty to create positive change in the lives of others.


Our first Difference Maker works tirelessly (early, late, weekends) to ensure that all of the families at Will Rogers Elementary School are able to be included in the events of the day, week, or month. Her ability to use two languages effectively to communicate with our Spanish speaking families creates an inclusive community where both school and family needs are met. Mrs. Onalee Santos goes beyond her duties as Principal's Secretary to assist parents in requesting transportation, scheduling parent conferences, paying for meals, and much more. She loves supporting the parents and students at Will Rogers and it shows in her can-do spirit. Onalee affirms others, she teaches students and peers, she is willing to do any task no matter how menial, and she provides amazing customer service for parents. She is humble, faithful, dedicated, and a person of the finest moral fiber. Patient, warm, integral to school success... Onalee makes sure Will Rogers runs successfully and smoothly.