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Family Support Services

  • Consider a time in your life when you were really hungry. At that moment, it was likely difficult for you to focus on anything else but your hunger.  Think about a time when you arrived at work with little sleep.  Chances are you made mistakes and just generally struggled.  Now consider being a child who is coming to school hungry and exhausted and how that impacts that child’s ability to learn, grow, play, and make friends. Imagine doing that every day and also arriving with holes in your shoes or not having access to a winter coat.

    Across the country, we have students struggling with exactly these issues and SPS is no exception. In 1943, psychologist Abraham Maslow published a paper in which he proposed a hierarchy of needs, which we now know as “Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs”.   The needs identified at the bottom of the pyramid must be met before one can achieve growth to the top which is self-actualization. 

    PyramidWe are fortunate to have a school district that recognizes the need to assist with these basic needs.  In response, SPS employs social workers who strive to address these needs. While we are not able to solve the macro issues (homelessness, poverty, oppression, job insecurity) we can assist and provide support by linking families with resources and providing available resources. 


  • Mikayla Lunsford
    District Social Worker
    Homeless Liaison
    [email protected] 


    Ashley Gambill 
    DHS/SPS Social Worker/Foster Care point of contact


  • FSS Operation and Programs

    In order to address these needs, we rely on grants, donations, and community support. How can you or your business help? We have organized each of the needs we address into different operations in which you can donate directly.

    You are also welcome to donate directly to the Family Support Services (FSS) department and the funds will be directed to one of these operations. To donate directly to the FSS department:

    Checks can be made out to:

    Stillwater Public Schools (Please list "Family Support Services" on the memo line.)

    400 S. Drury Lane Stillwater, OK 74074

    Phone: 918-814-8931 

FSS Programs

      Spin City

      • What: Provide laundry services for SPS families in need. Services provided include wash/dry as well as detergent/laundry sheets.

        How: SPS has an account with Spin City.  Simply contact them and let them know you’d like to contribute to the SPS account. 

        Spin City
        809 E. Virginia Ave.
        Stillwater, OK 74075

      Blissful Nights

      • What: Provide twin size beds or bedding for students in need.

        How: Two ways to give:

        1. Furniture Showcase, 424 S Main St #3523, Stillwater, OK 74074, (405) 624-3212

        • SPS has an account set up with Furniture Showcase which allows us to purchase twin size mattresses, box springs, and frames for students in need. The cost for all three is $258. Any amount you are able to donate is welcomed and appreciated! Simply contact Furniture Showcase and let them know you’d like to contribute to the SPS account.  

        2. Bedding donations.  Simply call Family Support Services (FSS) to arrange for pick up. 

        • Must be NEW.
        • Twin size only.
        • Sheets, fitted sheets, blankets.
        • Pillows are also needed. 

      Give a Watt

      • What: Contribute funds to help Family Support Services (FSS) assist families who are struggling to keep their utilities on.

        How: Checks can be mailed to Family Support Services. 

      Compassion Through Action

      • What: Provide underwear, bras, and socks.

        How: Donations can be delivered to Family Support Services (FSS). You are also welcome to contact FSS and arrange for a pickup of your donation.

      Share the Warmth

      • What: Provide NEW coats, gloves, hats for students in need.

        How: Donations can be delivered to Family Support Services (FSS). You are also welcome to contact FSS and arrange for a pickup of your donation.

      Happy Soles

      • What: Provide NEW sneakers (running shoes, athletic shoes) for SPS students in need.

        How: We need ALL sizes.  Please do not forget about our older kids with adult size feet! Donations of new shoes or funds to purchase shoes are appreciated. Please mail donations to FSS or call to make arrangements. 

      Pioneer Pantry

      • Pioneer Pantry

        What: The Pioneer Pantry Program provides basic hygiene supplies for students and their families who are in need and is managed by SPS.

        How: You can donate NEW items in person by simply contacting Family Support Services. You can also donate via a check (payable to Pioneer Pantry) or gift cards by mailing to:

        Stillwater High School: Pioneer Pantry
        1224 N. Husband St.
        Stillwater, OK 74075

        Questions: Robin Johnson, [email protected], 405-707-5196