• SPS Summer Academy

      About Summer Academies

      • Online Enrollment for the Summer Academies will begin after Spring Break

        SPS Summer Academy and other summer programs are open to all SPS students, but the district will reserve space for those who could most benefit from the Summer Academies. If enrollment exceeds available spaces, a waiting list will be created, and SPS will try to accommodate those requests.

        • Transportation will be provided by the district to and from the programs
        • All programs are free to participants with the exception of Driver's Education.

      Secondary Programs

      • Summer 2022 Registrations are closed.

        June 6-23 (M,T,W,Th)

        • Secondary Credit Recovery 9th-12th

          • 9am to 12pm

          • SHS


        • Secondary English Language (EL)

          • 12:30pm to 3:30pm

          • SHS

        July 5-21 (M,T,W,Th)

        • Secondary Credit Recovery 9th-12th

        9am to 12pm

          • SHS


        • SMS Summer Academy

          • 9am to 12pm

          • SMS


        • Secondary Extended School Year

          • 9am-12pm

          • SJHS


        • Secondary English Language Camps

          • July TBA

        July 11-14 (M,T,W,Th) - FULL

        • SJHS Summer STEAM Camp

          • 9am to 12pm

          • SJHS

          • Will include a new hands on Project Based Learning lab everyday, plus trips to the Ag barn and book bus.

        Credit Recovery 

        Point of Contact - Trent J. Swanson - [email protected]

        The Credit Recovery Summer Academy offers SHS students the opportunity to make up credits that they need in order to meet their graduation goals. As each session consists of only 12 days of instruction, participating students must commit to regular attendance and a dedicated work ethic during the summer session.

        Courses Offered

        • ALGEBRA I PT. I

        • ALGEBRA I PT. II

        • GEOMETRY PT. I

        • GEOMETRY PT. II

        • ALGEBRA II PT. I

        • ALGEBRA II PT. II



        • BIOLOGY PT. I

        • BIOLOGY PT. II



        • US HISTORY PT. I

        • US HISTORY PT. II



        • ENGLISH I PT. I

        • ENGLISH I PT. II

        • ENGLISH II PT. I

        • ENGLISH II PT. II

        • ENGLISH III PT. I

        • ENGLISH III PT. II

        • ENGLISH IV PT. I

        • ENGLISH IV PT. II

      Elementary Programs

      • Registration is closed.
        June 6-23 (M,T,W,Th)

        • Elementary Summer Academy

          • 8am to 12pm

          • Will Rogers


        • Elementary Extended School Year (ESY)

          • 8am to 12pm

          • Will Rogers


        • Elementary English Language (EL)

          • 12:30pm to 3:30pm

          • Will Rogers

      Driver's Education

      • This course provides the students with 30 hours of classroom work and six hours of driving time. This will help students meet Department of Public Safety & Department of Education requirements. Program completers will have the permit test waived by the DPS. Program completers will receive a ½ credit. Curriculum covers safe driving rules, defensive driving skills, and basic car care.


        Classroom Dates

        • 8 days of classroom instruction

        • May 31-June 3 (Tues - Fri) AND June 6 -9 (Mon - Thurs)

        • 8am-12pm

        • All classroom hours will be held at Stillwater Junior High School.

        • 6 Hours of driving instruction to be completed to be completed by June 30.


        Drive Times

        Students are assigned a driving instructor who will work with students on a plan of action for small group driving schedules. All students MUST complete a minimum of 6 Driving Hours to be set up by their individual driving instructors prior to June 30th, 2022.


        Attendance Policy

        Students are required to attend each class and lab (driving time). Each unexcused absence will deduct points from the final grade. Summer school is a short intense instruction time frame; therefore, if you are planning a family vacation, work, etc., please do not enroll. You must be present on each instructional day. We will alter schedules only with advance notice to and approval of the program coordinator.



        All Students must:

        • Be at least 15 yrs. old by May 31, 2022

        • Qualify for at least the 9th Grade by Fall 2022

        • Be enrolled with SPS



        The student will be graded on quizzes, tests, and homework assignments. Driving skills are a component of the final grade. Attendance and completion of the course is essential. Students who do not complete all classroom and driving hours will receive a final grade of (F). Standard grading scales are applied.



        $300. Enrollment is limited and will not be processed until payment is received.


        Driver's Education Point of Contact

        Bill Rogers - [email protected]