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      • August Newsletter

        Posted by Stephanie Coca on 8/15/2022 9:00:00 AM

        Important District News:


        Welcome Back!


        We really missed all of our students and we are so happy to have them all back at school! 


        This year breakfast is free for all students. To qualify for free or reduced lunch, please make sure you have filled out the forms on “School Cafe”. Go to the “Nutrition” page of the SPS Website. You must create a login and password before you apply. 


        Coming Soon!


        • Curriculum Night (Elementary Schools)

          • Your child’s teacher will invite you to school to talk about what they will be teaching your child this year. Don’t miss it! If you need interpretation, please call Mrs. Coca 405-762-2830 or email her at [email protected] 

        • ELL Teacher-Parent Conferences

          • Look for an invitation from your ELL teacher. We will have one-on-one meetings with each family to talk about your child’s language and academic progress. Make sure to schedule a time. 

        • ACCESS Language Proficiency Scores 

          • Your ELL teacher will send you language proficiency scores from your child’s language test last spring. If you have questions about them, please set up a time during our parent conference day. 


        Summer School 2022


        • Thank you to all of the students who attended summer school! We had so much fun! Children learned about habitats, the environment, and how to keep our world clean. On the last day, secondary students prepared a habitat carnival for the elementary students to practice all we learned during the three weeks. 

        Habitat QuizYummy Breakfasts!Habitat Boardgames!Kindergarten Fun!Oragami!Prizes

        Preschool Fun!Fun Teachers!MentorsRecess

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      By Month

      ELL Staff

      • 2023-2023 ELL STAFF

        Stephanie Coca, District-wide ELL Coordinator
        Will Rogers Elementary, Stillwater High School
        405-707-5259, [email protected] 

        Lisa Crane, Newcomer ELL Teacher
        Will Rogers Elementary
        405-533-6380, [email protected] 

        Soha Elfeel, Newcomer ELL Teacher
        Will Rogers Elementary
        [email protected]

        Giovannina Blandón, Bilingual ELL Teacher Assistant
        Will Rogers Elementary
        405-533-6380, [email protected] 

        Anne Kuhbander, ELL Teacher
        Westwood Elementary, Richmond Elementary
        405-533-6370, [email protected] 

        Myra Noden, ELL Teacher
        Highland Park Elementary
        405-533-6350, [email protected]

        Anastasia Mendoza, ELL Teacher
        Sangre Elementary School 
        [email protected]

        Abenna Annan, ELL Teacher 
        Skyline Elementary
        405-533-6390, [email protected] 

        Rebekah Jimenez, ELL Teacher
        Stillwater Middle School
        405-533-6430, [email protected] 

        Tayyab Ghazniwal, Bilingual ELL Teacher Assistant
        Stillwater Middle School
        405-533-6430, [email protected]   

        Steve Costa, ELL Teacher
        Stillwater Junior High
        405-533-6420, [email protected] 

        Debbie Shores, ELL Teacher
        Stillwater High School
        405-533-6450, [email protected] 

        Patricia Fox, Bilingual ELL Teacher Assistant,
        Stillwater High School
        405-533-6450, pafox@stillwaterschools.com

        Dee Atkins, Director of Federal and OSU Programs
        Administration Building
        405-707-5026, [email protected] 

      Programs and Services

      • SPS has a continuum of interventions that have been developed for English Learners based on their understanding of the English language in four domains:speaking, listening, reading, and writing. The levels of programming available for students include the following:


        Newcomer Programming

          • Programming that provides specific support to students who perform at a lower level in the four domains will be available at:

                                    Will Rogers Elementary          Stillwater Middle School

                                  Stillwater Junior High School    Stillwater High School

          • Students who participate in newcomer programming will spend part of their day in an EL classroom with intensive language support provided by one of the newcomer EL teachers.


        EL Intervention Programming

          • Programming that provides specific support to students who perform at a level which indicates additional support is needed is available at all district schools.


        EL Consultation Support

        • For students who do not require direct EL services, consultation support with classroom/content teachers will be available from school site EL Specialists at all district schools.  

        Current federal guidelines require that ELs receive academic support and intervention if their English Language development skills inhibit them from accessing the curriculum at grade level.


        Reminder of Your Rights:

        You have been informed of the recommended level of ELD supports for your child; however, you have the right to decline any or part of these EL services.If you are considering declining services for your child, please complete the online form available at https://forms.gle/nsHorhGU178dUtkFA 


      • 1312 South Sangre Road | Stillwater, OK 74074 | 405.377.3333 | 

        Classes are held in Stillwater and focus on strengthening the student’s listening, speaking, reading and writing skills and are offered at no cost. ESL classes are funded by state and federal funds through the Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education.

        Tuesdays (Beginner) | 5:30 – 8:30 pm
        Fridays (Intermediate) | 8:30 – 10:30 am
        Fridays (Advanced) | 10:30 am – 12:30 pm

        For more information, call 405.377.3333. Use entrance 2 and park in parking lot B. Enter through door B3.

      District Coordinator

      Phone: 405-533-5259 (office) 405-762-2830 (cell)


      Degrees and Certifications:

      Stephanie Coca

      My international exposure began as a child living in California. I was lucky enough to be a part of a school that taught Spanish in the elementary schools. When I became a young adult, my parents moved our family to London, England where I went to an international college preparatory school. I absolutely loved having friends from all over the world! Our school allowed us to travel all over Europe and be exposed to many different cultures. Learning about other cultures became one of my passions!