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  • Athletic Department Mission

    It is the mission of the Stillwater Public Schools’ Athletic Department to help all student athletes to become stronger academically, athletically and socially for the betterment of our community. The athletic faculty will be committed to working with athletes to help them better understand the importance of dedication, work ethic and cooperation. We will always strive for a family atmosphere that embraces diversity. It is the desire of our faculty to always provide a safe and competitive environment. The Stillwater Athletic Department goal is that all athletes become great citizens while learning to compete at the highest level.

    Interscholastic Athletic Goals and Objectives


    To provide:

      1. Educational benefits available through interscholastic competition to a maximum number of participants.
      2. The best facility and qualified staff possible.
      3. Variety of sports activities according to the interests of students.
      4. A program that is supplementary rather than a substitute for basic physical education classes or intramurals.
      5. Programming in which the physical welfare and safety of all participants and spectators are of prime concern.


    To provide through coaching methods:

      1. An understanding and knowledge of the value of athletics.

      2. An understanding of why the school has athletics.

      3. Better health and fitness.

      4. A desire to succeed and excel.

      5. Opportunities to develop:

        1. Self-discipline and emotional maturity.

        2. Social competence through the team concept.

        3. An understanding of why rules are necessary.

        4. Respect for the rights of others.

        5. Respect for authority.

        6. Sense of fair play and sportsmanship.

        7. Critical thinking as both a member of a group and an individual.

        8. Faith in the democratic processes.

        9. The value of striving for and reaching group ideas.

        10. Improved motor skills.

        11. Skills, interests and knowledge that will make life now and as an adult more enjoyable.


    The Oklahoma Secondary School Activities Association is silent on the policy of attendance in school by an athlete on the day of a contest. However, it is the policy of the Stillwater School District to carefully evaluate attendance patterns and declare ineligible those students with excessive absences on the day of contests.


    Absences and Course Credit

    In order to receive credit for a course in grades nine through twelve or to be promoted to the next grade level in grades one through eight, a student must be in attendance at school a minimum of 90% of the time each semester. This amounts to a maximum of five (5) absences each nine-weeks grading period and ten (10) absences per semester. All absences, whether excused or unexcused, are counted in computing minimum attendance. Participation in school-sponsored activities during the regular school day will not be calculated as an absence for the purpose of this policy. Any student who misses ten (10) consecutive days without excuse will be placed “off roll” beginning the 11th day. Upon returning to school, the pupil will be returned to “on roll” status.

    1. Regular standards of eligibility will be governed by rules of the Oklahoma Secondary School Activities Association.
    2. The athletic director and the building principal shall determine eligibility rules and regulations other than those established by the Oklahoma Secondary School Activities Association.
    3. The principal and athletic director will decide issues of interschool eligibility.
    4. In all cases, the athletic director and the building principal are directly responsible for eligibility matters.
    5. Coaches are responsible to see that all new students are completely eligible before they are allowed to participate in any contest. All new students must be informed of the applicable athletic policies, rules, regulations and codes.
    6. At the high school, eligibility checks will be conducted after two weeks (during third week) of the first and third terms and each succeeding week thereafter and at the end of the first week of the second and fourth blocks and each succeeding week thereafter. Coaches/sponsors are responsible for giving the student their failing letter.

    Ineligible Player Status

      1. An ineligible player may practice with the varsity, junior varsity, and eighth or ninth grade teams.

      2. He/she must have completed all pre-participation paperwork including the availability of supplemental insurance.

      3. If administration has reason to believe that an individual should not be practicing or traveling with the team because of behavioral issues, attitude, attendance, or scholastic work, he/she may be denied this privilege.

      4. Students who are suspended out of school will not participate in interscholastic athletics until reinstatement in school has occurred and notification is given to the head coach in that sport.

      5. Students entered into an in-school program will not be allowed to practice or compete until their release.

      6. Further or continued suspension from athletics may occur if the severity of the offense warrants. The high school/junior high principal and the athletic director shall meet to determine this.

    RankOne Electronic Participation Forms

    Prior to competing, all student athletes must have completed RankOne electronic participation forms. These forms document and help determine the athletic eligibility status of the student. Each electronic form requires the signature of a parent/guardian as well as that of the student.


    The two main considerations in regard to freshman participation on the varsity level include the student and program in question.

    The main emphasis of Stillwater Public Schools athletics is to provide a program that meets the needs of students while playing on a competitive level. As a result, the first concern is to meet the educational, physical, social and psychological growth of student participants in the various programs of competition.

    Therefore, the following provisions will serve as the regulations for freshmen competing on the varsity level:

    1. A primary consideration for varsity level request to participate is whether a competitive program is sponsored by the Stillwater Public Schools.

    2. The head coach and athletic director must determine that the participation will benefit the student as well as the program. The student must have approval from the athletic director prior to any practice with the team.

    3. The status of the participation and the offering of a program on their own level in most instances will determine whether a student will be allowed to move up to varsity level competition.

    4. Through competition, student/athletes must be a contributing factor on the varsity team.

    5. The student/athletes must understand that the intensity and level of competitiveness will be more demanding and time consuming.

    6. The parents of the student/athlete must understand that the level of competition will be much more intense and that the psychological and sociological environment will be more accelerated as the student participates with and against upper level students.

    7. Junior high students moving up would practice after the 6th hour at the junior high. Exceptions will only be approved by the junior high principal.

    8. Students may not exceed the number of contests they are allowed to participate in as set by the OSSAA. If you are not aware of the number of contests in which you are allowed to compete in your sport, contact the athletic director.

    9. A freshman may move up to the high school after the completion of his/her season if he/she is invited to do so by the high school coach. These students are not to bump or replace another student who has participated on the high school team during the season. He/she can fill voids in positions, events, and weights; he/she will not exceed the number of contests mentioned in Item 8.

    The procedures to procure permission to participate on the varsity level must be initiated through the student and the respective head coach of the sport in question. After the initial conference with the student, the coach and building principal will hold a conference with the parents and discuss the feasibility of the request. After reviewing the merits of the petition to compete on the varsity level and favorable recommendation is made by the coach and principal, then the athletic director will review the status of the student involved in regard to the program in question. The athletic director will approve or disapprove the request. The decision of the athletic director is final and non-appealable.


    Students in our schools may try out for our athletic teams. Except as set forth in this policy, our coaches will not tell a student that they cannot try out for the school team of their choice. If an athlete and coach have a problem one year, that problem is not to be carried over to the next year. Exceptions to this policy are:

    1. extended suspension out of school

    2. use of alcohol, including low-point (3.2) beer, tobacco, or drugs

    3. stealing

    If the coach uses one of these reasons for not allowing an athlete to participate on the school team the reason must be submitted to the athletic director in writing.

    Changing Sports Mid-Season

    From the time a person’s name appears on the official eligibility list for an interscholastic sport, he/she may not join another team or compete in another interscholastic sport until after the end of the first sport season. Mid-season change of teams may be permitted under one of the following conditions:

    1. The student/athlete presents to both coaches involved a doctor’s certificate recommending he/she drop the sport for reasons of health and permitting participation in the second sport.

    2. Both coaches involved and the athletic director agree that a mid-season change of sport would be beneficial to the student athlete without being unfair to the individual or either team.

    Care of the Student Athlete

    The coaches and trainers must always bear in mind they are not physicians and shall not try to diagnose a condition that appears serious in nature or a condition that does not respond to early treatment. If a coach/trainer suspects a medical condition is serious, the athlete should be referred to a physician at once. No risks should be taken.

    All physical problems will be given immediate attention. At no time will an athlete be placed back into practice or competition until the condition will no longer prevent that student/athlete from performing up to his/her usual capabilities. Student/athletes have an obligation to inform the coaching staff and/or trainer if they have sought the care of a physician. When a coach becomes aware that the student/athlete has sought care of a physician, that physician must provide a written release prior to the student/athlete returning to practice or competition.


    Concussions and Head Injuries

    The Stillwater Board of Education recognizes that concussions and head injuries can result from contact sports and can have serious consequences if not properly evaluated and treated. Therefore, consistent with state law, the district will, through this policy and the associated Concussions and Head Injuries Information Sheet and Acknowledgement Form (FFAEA-E1), inform and educate student athletes and their parents/guardians of the nature and risk of concussions or head injuries, including the dangers associated with continuing to play after a concussion or head injury.

    On an annual basis, and prior to a student-athlete’s participation in any athletic practices or competitions, form FFAEA-E1 shall be distributed to the student athlete and his or her parent/guardian. The included acknowledgement form must be signed by the student-athlete and his or her parent/guardian to verify that they have read the information sheet and understand the content and warnings. The completed acknowledgement form shall be returned to the athletic department office prior to the student-athlete’s participation in practice or competition during that school year. The student-athlete may not practice or compete until the form has been received.

    If a district coach suspects that a student-athlete has sustained a concussion or head injury during a practice or game, the coach shall immediately remove that student-athlete from participation and direct the student-athlete to obtain a physical and mental status examination by a licensed healthcare provider. This licensed health care provider must be trained in the evaluation and management of concussions. The district shall not be financially responsible for any health care bills associated with the examination.

    After suffering a concussion or head injury, a student-athlete’s physical and cognitive activities should be carefully managed and monitored by the licensed health care professional. Any student-athlete removed from participation shall not be allowed to participate in practices or games until he or she is evaluated by a licensed health care provider and receives Medical Clearance to Return to Athletic Participation (FFAEA-E2), a copy of which shall be provided to the district athletic department office.


    Optional Insurance

    Optional Student Accident Coverage is available through a third party provider.

    Student Athlete Conduct Rules

    State of Privilege

    Since athletic activity participation is a privilege, it is not protected by due process procedures applicable to regular public education.


    Student/Athlete’s Responsibility to Know and Understand Rules

    Athletes should be aware of all policies, rules, regulations and codes. If any question regarding a rule of conduct arises, it should be addressed to the head coach or athletic director prior to any violations.


    Student Conduct Expectations for Athletes

    The following are acts which may cause an athlete to be dismissed from the athletic program:

    1. Immorality, profanity, obscenity, or stealing

    2. Consistent violation of written school rules, regulations, or policies

    3. Possession, threat, or use of a dangerous weapon

    4. Assault and battery and destruction of property

    5. Possession or use of any illegal drug, tobacco (in any form) or alcohol, etc.

    6. Conduct, which jeopardizes the safety of others, which includes showing disrespect to an official

    7. Habitual absence


    School District Rules and Regulations

    Athletes are required to meet and abide by the policies, rules and regulations of the school district and should be familiar with the SPS Parent/Student Handbook.


    Violation of Federal, State or Local Law/Ordinance

    Student/athletes are not to violate any federal, state or local law/ordinance including felony or misdemeanor acts other than minor traffic violations. Conviction of said offenses is not necessary to establish a violation of the Athletic Handbook, which will be determined through an independent investigation. Such offenses, when witnessed by a teacher, administrator, other responsible adult(s) or when substantiated by other reliable evidence may constitute a violation of this handbook. A conference will be scheduled within a reasonable time after the infraction has been noted. The conference will include the coach, student and student’s parents/guardians. The purpose of the conference will be to gather information and determine the appropriate penalties, if necessary. Depending on the severity of the incident, penalties may range from restitution, suspension from athletic competition or dismissal from the team.

    Appeal Process: The parents/guardians have the right to appeal the decision from this conference. The appeal must be submitted in writing by the parent/guardian within two school days to the athletic director. The decision by the coach will remain in place during the appeal process.


    Drug Testing Program

    Any student in Stillwater Public schools who participates in extra-curricular competitive programs in grades 7-12 will be required to participate in the drug testing program. Activity Student Drug Testing (FNCFB)

    Lettering & Awards

    Lettering Requirements

    There are general and specific standards to be met for an athlete to earn a letter from Stillwater Public Schools.

        1. General Standards: (must be met by all athletes)

          • The participant must maintain sportsmanship, training methods and regular attendance at practice sessions.

          • Athletes must remain on the team for the entire season unless excused by the coach.

          • Athletes must meet school and state requirements in academic work and school attendance.

        2. Specific Standards:

          • To be determined by the head coach of each sport

          • NOTE: Each head coach should have his/her lettering requirements in writing and have a copy on file in the athletic office.



    The following awards are provided to our athletes:

    High School

    • Varsity Letter “S” – A letter “S” chenille letter will be awarded to senior athletes who letter on any varsity team.

    • Certificate – Athletes will receive a certificate each year they letter.

    • Senior Plaques or Blankets – All seniors that letter will receive an award from the Pioneer Booster Club.

    • Special Awards – Each sport and the athletic department will provide special awards for outstanding performance.


OSSAA NIL Guidelines


    The OSSAA does not specifically prohibit students from engaging in certain commercial activities as an individual. These activities, commonly referred to as name, image and likeness (NIL) will not put a student’s amateur status at risk provided the student meets all the requirements for maintaining amateur status in compliance with Rule 5, and there is no violation of rules prohibiting influencing a student to attend or remain at a member school. (Rule 9) A student may earn compensation from the use of their name, image and likeness (NIL) in compliance with Rule 5, and Rule 9 provided:

    • The compensation is not contingent on specific athletic performance or achievement.
    • The compensation is not provided as an incentive to enroll or remain enrolled at a specific school.
    • The compensation is not provided by the school or any person acting as an agent for the school.

    In seeking compensation for name, image and likeness:

    • No “marks” may be used, including but not limited to school logos, school name, school mascot, or any trademarked OSSAA logo or acronyms.
    • No school apparel or equipment shall be worn which includes school name, school logo, school mascot, or any apparel displaying trademarked OSSAA logos or acronyms.
    • No member school facility may be used for the purpose of name, image and likeness compensation.
    • No activities in conflict with a member school’s local school district policy may be endorsed. Examples include but are not limited to tobacco or alcohol products.
    • Collegiate level associations should be contacted for any rules regarding name, image and likeness for students participating beyond the high school level.

    "After extensive research and diligence, the OSSAA has selected Eccker Sports as their partner to provide Name, Image and Likeness (NIL) education, guidance and support to the organization and our stakeholders across the state. Eccker Sports is the National leader in providing these services and have partnerships with 10 other states including Texas (Texas High School Coaches Association), Louisiana, New York, Massachusetts and Mississippi among others. On a statewide basis, Eccker has partnered with the Bedford Agency, led by Bryan Bedford who is a longtime friend and associate of the OSSAA and someone well known in sports circles around the state. Bryan will provide a personal touch to the relationship, act as a liaison between the parties and support the activations of the various NIL and educational programs Eccker provides throughout the state."

Nondiscrimination Legal Notice

  • The Stillwater Board of Education is committed to a policy of nondiscrimination. There will be no discrimination in this district on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, sex, pregnancy, gender, gender expression or identity, disability, genetic information, veteran status, sexual orientation or age in its employment, programs and activities. This policy will prevail in all matters concerning staff, students, the public, employment, admissions, financial aid, educational programs, events, and services, facilities access, and individuals, companies, and firms with whom the board does business. The district also provides equal access to the Boy Scouts of America and other designated youth groups.

    The following administrator has been designated to handle inquiries regarding the district’s non-discrimination policies:

    • Section 504/Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act (for questions or complaints based on disability)
    • Title VI of the Civil Rights Act (for questions or complaints based on race, color and national origin)
    • Title IX (for questions or complaints based on sex, pregnancy, gender, gender expression or identity)
    • Age Act (for questions or complaints based on age)

    In addition, any individual who has experienced some other form of discrimination, including discrimination not listed above, may contact:

    Director of Human Resources
    Stillwater Public Schools
    314 South Lewis
    Stillwater, OK 74074
    [email protected]
    District Title IX Coordinator - Chief Human Resources Officer
    District Title IX Investigators - Principals / Supervisors
    District Title IX Decision Makers - SPS District Administrators

    Outside assistance may be obtained from:

    U.S. Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights
    One Petticoat Lane, 1010 Walnut Street, Suite 320
    Kansas City, MO 64106
    816-268-0550; 816-268-0599 (fax); 877-521-2172 (TTY)

    Racial discrimination shall include racial slurs or other demeaning remarks concerning another person's race, ancestry, or country of origin and directed toward an employee, a student or a visitor.

    Stillwater Public Schools does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, sex, pregnancy, gender, gender expression or identity, disability, genetic information, veteran status, sexual orientation or age in its employment, programs and activities.