• Lady Pioneer Wrestling

    Girls Wrestling is a platform for empowerment and strength! It's not just a sport; it's an opportunity for girls to break barriers, build resilience, and embrace their capabilities. Wrestling fosters confidence, discipline, and physical fitness, imparting life skills that go beyond the mat. 

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  • High School:

    Allison Agulair 9th
    Jayden Baca
    Cali Bowyer
    Kailanie Clarke 9th
    Raycye Fipps
    Bella Janes
    Zolie Kurena
    Allie Parker 9th
    Jada Pulliam 
    Joy Robledo Cervantes
    Abbie Verdejo Rivero

    Junior High: 

    Mellanie Aguilera 
    Loyalty Lockett
    Kenzie Williams

Recent Achievements

  • Results Supergirl64:
    Man what a tournament with some great competition. It gets better and better every week with the lady pioneers. They are making strides and learning and will continue to make their goals become a reality. We are so proud of you ladies!!!
    Gold Bracket 🥇
    • Abigail Rivero 4th & All- American
    • Raycye Fipps 5th & All- American
    • Jayden Baca Top 8 finisher
    • Joy Robledo Top 8 finisher
    Silver Bracket 🥈
    • Alison Aguilar 🥉
    • Kailanie Clarke 4th
    • Zolie Kurena 5th
    • Bella James 5th

  • Elizabeth Tidwell SHS Head Coach

    Elizabeth Tidwell
    [email protected]  

    Elizabeth Tidwell joined SPS in August of 2023 as a science teacher at SJHS and the Girls Wrestling Coach.