• Lady Pioneer Wrestling

    Girls Wrestling is a platform for empowerment and strength! It's not just a sport; it's an opportunity for girls to break barriers, build resilience, and embrace their capabilities. Wrestling fosters confidence, discipline, and physical fitness, imparting life skills that go beyond the mat. 

Making History, Building Character, Making a Difference #betheexception

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    State 2024
    Results Supergirl64:
    Man what a tournament with some great competition. It gets better and better every week with the lady pioneers. They are making strides and learning and will continue to make their goals become a reality. We are so proud of you ladies!!!
    Gold Bracket 🥇
    • Abigail Rivero 4th & All- American
    • Raycye Fipps 5th & All- American
    • Jayden Baca Top 8 finisher
    • Joy Robledo Top 8 finisher
    Silver Bracket 🥈
    • Alison Aguilar 🥉
    • Kailanie Clarke 4th
    • Zolie Kurena 5th
    • Bella James 5th

  • Elizabeth Tidwell SHS Head Coach

    Elizabeth Tidwell
    [email protected]  

    Elizabeth Tidwell joined SPS in August of 2023 as a science teacher at SJHS and the Girls Wrestling Coach. Coach Tidwell wrestled in high school and college and is passionate about growing Women's Wrestling. The sport of Wrestling is for anyone! Wrestling teaches you valuable lessons for the future. #betheexception