SPS Libraries

  • SPS maintains school library media centers to meet the needs of students and teachers, with the goal of developing informed and responsible students.  Media centers are to provide materials that will:

    • enrich the student as an individual and support the curriculum
    • stimulate growth in knowledge and develop literary, cultural, and aesthetic appreciation and ethical standards
    • reflect the diverse sides of issues, beliefs, and ideas so that young citizens may develop the habit of critical thinking, reading, listening, and viewing
    • accurately reflect diverse religious, social, political, and ethnic groups, and their contributions to our American heritage 

    Peter Pioneer Reading a Book in the SJHS Library

Parent/Guardian Involvement

  • SPS welcomes parent/guardian involvement in their child’s education and selection of and access to media. In every situation, we take parent concerns seriously and hope to partner with them to find a solution that's right for their child. If a child is assigned a book to which the parents object for a class, alternative texts can be provided for students by their teacher.  

    When it comes to child-selected media, two powerful resources in guiding your child's library use are having conversations with your child about the books they are reading and logging into your child's account to see what they currently have checked out.

    Parents/guardians seeking additional information on media accessible to their child, or with special requests or concerns, should contact their school's library media specialist directly.

Book Selection and Reviews

  • In selecting materials, media specialists evaluate the existing collection and consult reputable, unbiased, professionally prepared selection aids, including, but not limited to:

Reconsideration of Materials

  • Requests for reconsideration of materials that are included in a library may only be submitted by parents or guardians at the site where their child attends or by school employees at the site where they are employed. Any such request must be made via board form EFA-E1 and will be considered per board policy EFA-R1.