• The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in numerous challenges for Stillwater Public Schools, but the district has planned throughout the spring and summer for the persistent pandemic situation in which our community finds itself. Families will have two options for instruction type:

    1.      Traditional in-person, five day per week instruction, and

    2.      Online instruction via the Stillwater Pioneer Virtual Academy.

    SPS is committed to delivering a consistent in-person five days a week schedule for in-person learners and a quality online experience for virtual learners.


    Stillwater Pioneer Virtual Academy:

    Stillwater Pioneer Virtual Academy (SPVA) will join the SPS family of schools, allowing an avenue for Pre-K through 12th grade students and families who wish to attend public education in a virtual environment. Using what we have learned from last year's virtual learning and teacher and student experiences during distance learning, the district has continued to refine its plans for a permanent virtual option. SPVA teachers and administrators will be housed at the Wondertorium’s former building, located just north of Pioneer Stadium. More information can be found at


    Federal Stimulus Funds

    Multiple pieces of federal legislation related to school funding passed last year, allowing SPS to offset losses in state funding and enhance services. Over the next three years, SPS will add approximately $1.5 million annually to the budget. These funds will allow SPS to meet many district and student needs, such as the hiring of school counselors and creating a more individualized learning environment through additional certified educators, in-school instructional strategies, tutoring, and expanded learning time. In 21-22, SPS will budget $2 million new dollars toward instruction, student support, and instructional support. 


    Funding Focus and Strategy to Mitigate COVID-19 Impacts, Address Learning Loss & Meeting Needs of Most Vulnerable Population  

    In consultation with stakeholders and through surveys completed by various district and community groups, the following strategies have been identified as needs for Stillwater Public Schools to serve our students’ academic, social and emotional needs.

    Stillwater Public Schools received $7,475,625.53 for ARP ESSER III Spending.  At least 20% ($1,495,125.11) of the ARP ESSER II budget will be spent under the guidelines of section 2001(e)(1) of the ARP Act to address the academic impact of the lost instructional time through the implementation of evidence-based interventions. 

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