• Portrait of a 21st Century Pioneer

Pioneers in their own words.

  • “Pioneers are leaders and explorers, now and forever. We use the tools given to us by our teachers to expand the limits of human knowledge. We are caring, curious, and courageous in our endeavors, both small and large.”

    “A Pioneer is someone constantly pursuing passions and striving to be a better person. They are compassionate, empathetic, and aware of the people around them. They have the wisdom to listen to others and the courage to stand alone.”

    “Characteristics of a Pioneer are found in the heart. Courage, determination, integrity, loyalty, and leadership become ingrained in the hearts of students throughout high school. At the time of graduation, Pioneers will be able to enter the future as effective role models, leaders, and individuals driven to bolster modern society.”

    “A Pioneer is actively looking to pursue the boundaries of what they can achieve and beyond. They are aware of their conditions and surroundings and adapt appropriately. They understand that they have the potential to overcome any challenge either alone or together. People who lead the way for others are Pioneers.” 

    “A Pioneer should be an empathetic individual who seeks out opportunities to make the world a better place. A Pioneer has character and integrity, and they are determined to help others even at their own expense. Pioneers are world changers in any way they choose.” 

    “A Pioneer is a hardworking individual who is willing to stand up for what they believe is right. Professional and respectful to those around them is at the core of their integrity. Ambition drives Pioneers to bring about a positive change in the world.”