• Stressed? There's help. SPS Employee Assistance ProgramFor employees who may need assistance to overcome issues that are interfering with their ability to function in the workplace, available access to outside counseling and referrals to appropriate community and professional resources is important. Stillwater Public Schools has arranged with the licensed professional EAP counselors of GRAND Mental Health to provide some of these services to our employees at no cost to the employee.

    This voluntary, employee-focused intervention program offers assessment, counseling, referrals and follow-up services to employees who have personal or work-related issues and want assistance to identify solutions. Issues that may threaten the employee’s health, effectiveness on the job, and work attendance sometimes include, but may not be limited to;

    • Stress
    • Grief
    • Marriage and divorce
    • Child/spouse abuse
    • Eating disorders
    • Family
    • Smoking cessation
    • Depression
    • Aging
    • Financial stress, credit problems
    • Work
    • Alcohol & drug abuse
    • Parent-child relationships
    • Eldercare

    Stillwater Public Schools will fully support the initial visit and some subsequent visits with our EAP provider. Extended services requested by the employee may be at the expense of the individual. Insurance may apply. GRAND Mental Health has offices in Stillwater.

    The EAP provider does not inform Stillwater Public Schools of the identity of employees inquiring about or accessing these services. The EAP provider will supply Human Resources with utilization and activity reports showing number of requests for service and type of service provided without any personal identification.

    To access the services of GRAND Mental Health please complete a referral form here, indicating 'SPSEAP' as the reason for referral. Urgent requests for service are expected to be addressed within 24 hours. Non-urgent requests will be scheduled within 10 business days. GRAND Mental Health shall provide guaranteed complete privacy and protection for EAP client records.

    If you need assistance accessing services please call 405-372-2202 or email [email protected].

    In addition, an excellent resource for assistance is United Way of Payne County. United Way of Payne County identifies more than twenty Partner Agencies whose mission is to provide support in a variety of areas, including counseling, legal aid, household necessities, adult day care, healthcare, transitional living services, meals, training and others. United Way of Payne County can be contacted at 405-377-2161, or by visiting at 109 E. Ninth Ave in Stillwater.


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