• 1. How many absences are students allowed? What happens if a student exceeds the maximum number of absences?
    ➢ As listed in the LA Student Contract, “Maintain
    regular attendance so that sufficient credits are
    ➢ Students who do not maintain regular daily
    attendance may have a change in their school
    day or lose their enrollment at Lincoln Academy.
    ➢ Extraordinary circumstances and hardships will
    be considered

    2. What’s the difference between Absent Excused, Absent Unexcused, & Truant?
    ➢ Absent Excused (AE) = parent notified the school
    with an approved reason.
    ➢ Absent Unexcused (AU) = parent did not notify
    the school with an approved reason.
    ➢ Truant (ATR) = student missed school without
    permission from parent and school.
    ➢ Truant (ATR) may result in a citation from the
    Stillwater Police Department and require a court
    appointment where the student will have to
    explain excessive absences to a judge.

    3. Which absences count towards a student’s attendance?
    ➢ Absent Excused (AE), Absent Unexcused (AU) and
    Truant (ATR) count against the attendance
    ➢ When an absence is excused, that simply means
    that the school has been properly notified -
    Excused Absences count toward the maximum.

    4. What are some approved reasons for excused absences?
    ➢ Illness, medical/dental appointments,
    counseling appointments, court appointments,
    religious holidays, pre-arranged family trips, and
    other reasons approved by the school.

    5. Who determines whether an absence is excused or unexcused?
    ➢ LA Principal & Front Office decides.

    6. How should parents notify the school of absences?
    ➢ Call Lincoln Academy during school hours at
    (405) 533-6331.
    ➢ After school hours, call the school (405) 533-6331
    and leave a message.
    ➢ Stop by the Front Office and speak with an
    employee in person.
    ➢ Students or parents can drop off notes at the
    front office.
    ➢ Notes can also be faxed to Lincoln Academy
    directly at (405) 377.7725

    7. My family is planning a trip that will cause my student to miss more school than is allowed, what should I do?
    ➢ Contact the school to give details. Planned
    absences are regularly approved in instances for
    students in good academic standing with good
    attendance, but they must be pre-approved and
    will still count towards the student’s attendance. 

    8. Will medical appointments count against students?
    ➢ No - Students or parents should submit a copy of
    all notes to the front office.
    ➢ Medical appointments may be marked as
    Medically Excused (MED) which still count as an
    absence but will not jeopardize the student’s
    placement at the school.

    9. What is the difference between a tardy and an absence?
    ➢ Students who are more than 10 minutes late to
    class will receive an unexcused absence for that
    class period.

    10. Are there consequences for unexcused absences?
    ➢ Yes, unexcused absences may jeopardize a
    student’s enrollment at Lincoln Academy
    ➢ Yes, missed instructional time will hamper the
    student’s academic progress.
    ➢ Yes, unexcused absences may result in a truancy

    11. Do visits to a college campus count against students?
    ➢ Seniors are granted two (2) college visit days
    during the senior year.
    ➢ Seniors must submit documentation of these
    visits to the Attendance Office.

    12. I received an attendance letter, what does this mean?
    ➢ The Attendance Office mails letters regularly to
    parents to notify them when students reach two
    (2) and four (4) absences.
    ➢ These letters are sent to keep parents informed
    regarding the number of days missed.

    13. What do the codes that I see entered on my child’s attendance mean?
    ➢ The LA Front Office uses various codes to mark
    attendance. These are explained on the
    Attendance Code Explanation Chart.

    14. My student needs to check out early/arrive late, how do we do that?
    ➢ Parents should call or drop by the Front Office to
    make these arrangements.
    ➢ Students are required to check in/out through
    the Front Office.
    ➢ Students under 18 may only be checked out of
    school by a parent / legal guardian who signs
    them out of school.

    15. Can an 18-year old student excuse his/her own absences?
    ➢ Lincoln Academy prefers to communicate with
    ➢ If the student still lives at home, Lincoln Academy
    will continue to communicate with a parent.
    ➢ 18-year old students who don’t live with parents
    may excuse their own absences.