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SPS Announces Hispanic Heritage Night

Stillwater Public Schools invite you to join us in celebrating the Hispanic heritage of Stillwater, Oklahoma.

Hispanic Heritage Night

Friday, Sept 22
Stillwater Middle School
2200 S. Sangre Road

How to take part?

  • Decorate
  • Sing
  • Dance
  • Cook
  • Attend the event to share the cultures of Spain, Mexico, Central America, South America, and the Spanish-speaking countries of the Caribbean

Program Times & Speaker Details

  • 5:30pm
    • Arrival of Guests
    • Food Drop Off
  • 6pm
    • Welcome to the Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration: Flag Entrance and Kick-Off
  • 6:15pm
    • Shakira's "Waka wak"
    • Elementary Students sing and dance
  • 6:20pm
    • Quinceañera Waltz
  • 6:25pm
    • Baile "Zone De La Negra"
  • 6:30pm
    • Salsa Dancing Fun (Teachers)
    • Salsa Ledson with Gabriela and Megan
  • 6:40pm
    • Ms. OSU Latina and an OSU Student Performance
    • Announcements from OSU and the Catholic Church
  • 7pm
    • Singers
      • "Tu Falta De Querer" - Annie Grizzle
      • "Como Una Flor" - Joyce DeGroot
  • 7:10pm
    • Cancion Mexicana "El Toro Relajo"
  • 7:15pm
    • Salsa Dance "Saca Tu Mujer"
    • Performance by Sush and Sidd, a talented couple embracing Latin culture
    • Baile El Mescalito
  • 7:20pm
    • Jacob Mohler "La Chicaa De Bikini Azule" Luis Miguel
  • 7:25pm
    • Lenue with Guitar (Song: Dale Una Luz)
  • 7:30pm
    • Baile "Chapanecas"
  • 7:35pm
    • Valeria on the Violin "La Bikina"
  • 7:40pm
    • Baile El Jarabe Tapatio and El Vaquero
  • 7:45pm
    • Baile Colombiana: La Pollera Colorá
  • 8:00pm
    • Venezuelan Group (Singing)
    • "Hay Que Noche Tan Preciosa" By Tambor Urbano

Event Coordinator:

Stephanie Coca
[email protected] 

Stephanie Coca
[email protected]