Back to School

Back-to-School time marks the end of summer vacation and the beginning of a new chapter for students. It's a time filled with exciting new opportunities and, sometimes, a little trepidation.

  • Fresh Beginnings: Going back to school provides a chance for students to start fresh. They can set new goals, embrace new challenges, and build upon their previous accomplishments. The new academic year brings with it the potential for personal growth, academic achievements, and the exploration of new interests.

  • School Supplies: Prior to the start of the school year, many school districts release a list of required school supplies from their respective schools. In Stillwater, our elementary schools do not have a list of school supplies. Learning supplies are provided for students so that every student has what they need when they need it. A yearly supply fee can be paid during enrollment verification or at any time in your school's office. Secondary student supply needs will vary depending on what classes they are taking. Any needed supplies can be determined at schedule pickup for those schools. 

  • Emotional Adjustments: Starting a new school year can bring a mix of emotions. Some students may feel a little apprehensive about meeting new classmates and teachers, but it's important to remember that these emotions are natural and temporary. As children adjust to their new environment, they often find joy and fulfillment in the opportunities that await them.

  • Parental Involvement: Parents play a vital role in supporting their children during this time. By maintaining open lines of communication, offering encouragement, and getting involved in school activities, parents can help alleviate any apprehensions and instill a positive mindset in their children as they embark on their academic journey.


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