Inclement Weather

  • School board policy ckac-p3 - School board policy ckac-p2

    Heavy rains, tornadoes, and snow and ice conditions are a common occurrence in Oklahoma. Each of our schools has a tornado procedure, and the faculty and students practice storm drills periodically. If severe weather (tornado) is approaching at the time of dismissal, students will be held at the school until the danger has subsided. If there is a tornado watch but no immediate danger, school will be dismissed on schedule.

    Virtual Learners and Inclement Weather Days

    Being able to continue work on inclement weather days is an advantage for students enrolled in virtual learning. Curriculum doesn’t have to be condensed to accommodate these days and consistency is ensured. As such, on days when SPS experiences inclement weather and closes school buildings, virtual learners will continue coursework as previously scheduled. Students should communicate directly with their teachers if the weather impedes their ability to work over inclement weather days. Families are reminded that attendance is monitored for a 7-day period based on academic progress. Any scheduled in-person sessions will be cancelled on inclement weather days and communicated via email.

    If it is necessary to cancel school because of severe weather, it will be announced as early as possible. In addition to email and text messaging (be sure to opt in for texts), cancellations will be announced on: