All regular, special, and emergency meetings of the Stillwater Board of Education shall be open to the public.

    The board, in its efforts to learn the viewpoints and concerns of the patrons of the district, will provide opportunities for the patrons to communicate with the board.  Rules governing public participation are provided in regulation BED-R.  Patrons who wish to address the board of education shall be required to submit form BED-E prior to the start of the meeting.

    A public participation time will be available at all regular meetings and at special and emergency meetings at the dis-cretion of the board president.  The president of the board shall recognize speakers, maintain proper order, and estab-lish and comply with time limits, if needed.  Board members and administrative staff are not required to respond to questions from the public, since doing so could be in violation of the Open Meeting Act.  The board will not vote on items discussed on the public participation section unless the item is already on the agenda or the item meets the legal requirement of new business.  

    To Address The Board

    1. Download form BED-E in one of the following formats
    2. Complete the Form
    3. Prior to the meeting at which you plan to speak, submit the form to:

    Annette Jones
    Clerk of the Board of Education
    314 S. Lewis
    Stillwater, OK 74074
    [email protected]