Safety Information

Stillwater Public Schools uses Standard Response Protocol (SRP) to respond to security incidents and SchoolMessenger to notify parents/guardians about those incidents.

SPS uses the extended version of Standard Response Protocol (SRPx) to include the "Hold" action. The SRPx Parent Handout (English - Spanish) explains the five actions and the responsibilities of teachers and students.

SRP Action - Hold


"Hold in your area."

Clear the hallways and remain in your classroom until all clear is announced. Continue class as usual. Students in cafeterias or gyms remain there.

Possible reasons to Hold
• Medical emergency
• Altercation
• Broken water pipe
• Spill

SRP Action - Secure


"Secure the perimeter."

Return inside and lock exterior doors. Continue class as usual. Increase your situational awareness.

Possible reasons to Secure
• Dangerous animal on school grounds
• Criminal activity in area
• Civil disobedience
• Hazmat
• Earthquake

SRP Action - Lockdown


"Locks, Lights, Out of Sight."

Teachers lock interior doors, turn out the lights, move students out of sight, maintain silence, take attendance.

Possible reasons to Lockdown
• Dangerous animal within school building
• Intruder
• Angry or violent parent or student
• Active shooter

SRP Action - Evacuate


"Evacuate to (specific location.)"

Teachers lead evacuation to location. Students bring phones, leave other belongings, and follow instructions.

Possible reasons to Evacuate
• Fire
• Gas leak
• Following a contained situation

SRP Action - Shelter


"Shelter (using a specific strategy.)"

Teachers take attendance and lead specific safety strategies.

Possible Reasons to Shelter
• Tornado
• Hazmat
• Earthquake